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Feb 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
that our office provides. we're a civil rights office and civil right laws are not affirmative action laws and they don't say you have to do more for people with disabilities. you have to provide accommodations, particularly if requested, but because we have members who sometimes have participated on the bridge line, we have allowed that. i will get into a little bit of weeds here, we're a passive meeting body. we're not a policy-making body. the city attorney of the berkeley and state- the city of berkeley fought having a bridge line for their disability council and were successful with the state. they said that having a bridge line for council members to vote is a violation of the brown act and that to have a bridge line you have to declare the individual council member's home a meeting place. that anybody from the public could go there as well, which was goofy, but that is the law. but in any case, we have that. other public bodies don't and they don't have to. >> so they are not obligated to have these phones? >> that is correct. they are not obligated to have those phon
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am PST
a humanitarian response but it also provided us an avenue for the state-wide partners, the civil hawaiian partners, to be able to exercise their exercise as well. this exercise also allowed us the opportunity to intro daus a lot of technology to help with the interoperatability of the civil military exercise. one of the main goals that we had for this was to allow our military a crisis response adaptive force package and opportunity to allow their training and certification in providing the most appropriate military expeditionary force for that scenario. one of the things that we realize in the military when we do these exercises in a foreign humanitarian response, that a lot of our military capabilities are not just for overseas foreign disasters but it also allows the military to be trained and certified to respond to local domestic disaster situations as well. i had mentioned that we had 22 nations participating in rimpac and this slide is a representation of the military and civilian partners that we had participating in this event. and we had many, many international partners and w
Feb 7, 2013 7:00am EST
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Feb 3, 2013 7:30pm PST
francisco there are two plans that are responsible for providing that health care delivery. one is san francisco health plan and one is anthem bluecross. san francisco health plan is the non-profit provider and anthem bluecross is the for-profit provider. in san francisco we have the two-plan model. for those people who are seniors and people with disabilities on medical only, those people have already moved into managed care and have seen how it works or doesn't work. we have had a lot of challenges with that over the past year or two. in the next couple of years, people who are duly eligible, on medical and medicare at the same time will be entering into that systemment on one hand it's kind of scary because we saw to people with disabilities and seniors on medical only moving into the system and it's been confusing. on the other hand it's a great way to look at how we can make it stronger and better for people. so one of the things that we have been doing at the department of aging and adult services, along with department of public health and the health plans is to look at the d
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm PST
community. joe would have been so proud to support this wonderful building that will provide so much care for so many people in our city. for me, st. anthony's also represents the three c's. care, community, and continuity. i bring you many congratulations from all of the members of the board of directors of the koret foundation and our very best wishes for continued sucrose in -- success in the future. thank you. [ applause ] >> i saw merl and larry, if you want to join us. as we said, this building is complex. and it starts with the funding. it will get more complicated with the construction pretty soon, but it has really been an unbelievable group effort to pull together the different funders of this work. we heard about the koret's foundation amazing con tributionss and i know there have been so many amazing contributions on the st. anthony side. for an affordable housing project for this it takes incredible people and we start with hud, who supplied over $20 million to make this project possible. larry ferguson is here, the director of the hud 202 programs that gets the senior hous
Feb 25, 2013 9:30pm PST
to provide some background for the letter. and due to the late hour i will not go through the entire thing, just wanted to let you know that myself and cathy falis who was also named in part of this complaint, are available for questions we, do i go knowledge that with item 1, failure to provide in a timely manner that we were late in providing some of the documents. we did. attempt to work with miss cart ter to provide her with everything. there is only one point of contact that is designated to work in the agency with all of the various divisions and get back to the requestor, and the requestor is not required to go to each division and that way makes it easier. so we would not have referred her to any other divisions. i was working on it for her. it did not receive her personnel files, and so it made the most sense to have the representative from the human resources department present at that meeting so we disagree with that finding. >> thank you. >> and just to make sure, the complainant, miss cythia, carter is not present. correct? >> not seeing, anyone. okay. let's take public commen
Feb 7, 2013 8:30am PST
facilities; section 1002, to include as a substandard housing condition the failure to provide a usable telephone jack and telephone wiring as required by the california civil code; and making environmental findings, legislative findings, and findings pursuant to california health and safety code, section 17958.5 >>: i wanted to say that this ordinance that we are hearing, land use will make housing safer for many seniors. i once also right from the start say that this is an effort to empower seniors and people who live in single room occupancy hotels and people with disabilities. collaborative actions and many others. it is a wonderful to work with them, about empowering some of the most honorable people.3 i work with many organizations, grassroots groups.6, 9, chinatown, tenderlon.avalos, supervisor olage.many community-based groups of look at the condition and gave strong concrete recommendations that we are implementing the first part. this is just the first step. the seniors and people with disabilities face increasing challenges. francisco's official policies to support our senio
Feb 25, 2013 3:00pm PST
and adopt this plan. thank you. >> thank you to jim niko and the other speakers for providing that kind of background information, which i definitely would not have been able to provide. i am going to move forward with the more streamlined version of the nuts and bolts. obviously we would be available to elaborate or to answer any questions that you may have. but to begin western soma is part of south of market and that was essentially created in 1990 and mixed-use districts, which were somewhat new to the city. east soma is part of eastern neighborhoods, took part of this chunk of the western soma was essentially rezoned and replace the rest of the soma area. and we'll have that removed from the general plan. western soma will essentially plug into eastern neighborhoods, which was approved and became effective in 2009. western soma as you said was removed from that process initially, but with its adoption it will be incorporated into eastern neighborhoods in a number of ways, which i will go into in more detail. first we'll look at exist ing right now harrison street, which is
Feb 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
in the community, especially in providing services to those living with hiv/aids and fighting against hiv/aids funding cuts which unfortunately we've had to do for a long time and though fights continue. for over 10 years brett has been the executive director of the positive resource center. it provides comprehensive benefit counseling and employment services for people living with or at risk for hiv/aids and those with mental illness. in san francisco it is estimated that more than half of the 20,000 people living with hiv/aids are unemployed. prc provides legal representation to help people wade through the difficulties of people obtaining state and federal benefits. and employment service program which provides vocational rehabilitation and job search services for people with hiv/aids or mental health disabilities. brett has a very long history of working for worthy causes even before prc. he was the executive director of the los angeles team mentoring, inc., which offered mentoring to middle school students in some of our most challenging under served communities. and before that he w
Feb 10, 2013 11:30pm PST
you to all the people that certainly provide me support and provide me the motivation to get up and come to work every single day. this is an opportunity to thank and praise the people that call me stop, that e-mail me, find me on facebook, send me a twitter and pick, found me on next door. i tell you, this is your day. put your hands together. hang in there, we're almost done. but this is the day that we get to celebrate -- (applause) >> i'm calling it the nen-ers. you know what's interesting? i've been around city hall long enough to watch the nen awards grow and mature into what it is today. so, i also want to give a special shout out to daniel homesy who is the originator of this. thank you, daniel. (applause) >> also i want to acknowledge his right hand christina palone, the new director, mon, mayor's office neighborhood services over there in that corner. (applause) >> and for those of you that don't know, i represent district 10, that's the southeast neighborhoods. that's bayview, that's potrero hill, visitacion valley, it's a little hollywood, it's dogpatch. it used to
Feb 18, 2013 8:30am EST
global threats and if we don't provide a network global response we're always gonna to be on the back foot. >> what we need is not just nato on the conventional defense side, we need a nato alliance for economic statecraft. >> the problem is that it is an alliance that is largely sustained by american defense spending. (instrumental music) >> in a democracy, agreement is not essential, but participation is. >> never before in our history have we been so interconnected with the rest of the world. >> foreign policy is actually not foreign. >> america has faced great hardship before and each time we have risen to the challenge. >> the ultimate test is to move our society from where it is to where it has never been. >> join us as we explore today's most critical global issues, join us for great decisions. >> great decisions is produced by the foreign policy association, inspiring americans to learn more about the world. sponsorship of great decisions is provided by credit suisse, eni, the hurford foundation, and pricewaterhousecoopers llp. >> coming up next: joint strike: nato and t
Feb 4, 2013 8:00am PST
, the goal of this legislation was to provide security for tenants in t.i.c. buildings. supervisor wiener as coauthor want to ensure that tenants in t.i.c. buildings which might take advantage of this legislation will be presented. we wanted to provide the greatest security possible for existing tenants to be secure in their units and our legislation has done exactly that. let me specifically address this to many of the people in the hallway that seem to be misinformed about this legislation. if you are a tenant in a building that elects to take advantage of this legislation, you will receive a rent controlled lifetime lease in that building. you will not be evicted. you will not be forced out of your unit. you will, in fact, have stronger tenant protections than you do today. let me also make a comment about some of the rhetoric that has appeared from the opposition. i think it's unfortunate that this debate has started to become infused with fear mongering and falsehoods. the tactics of the opponents of this legisl
Feb 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
where the full 150 word summary was provided. >> correct. >> thank you. >> any further questions for miss blackman? >> yes, i have a question of mr. hartz. yes, commissioner. >> have you reviewed the draft that mr. herrera says is going to be the form that the commission is going to adopt going forward in so far as including public comments? >> i have reviewed it yes. >> and assuming that they adopt it and implement it, does that cure your concern? >> no. >> why. >> because the similar simple fact is that they did else wise for two years, i would like to point something out on those particular minutes that you are seeing, up until these minutes another member of the public, mr. james chavy submitted 150 word summaries also and his remains as an addendum through december of last year. and their statements that they put it in the addendum and then noted in the thing that has changed, that has been so many variations, if you go back through and look through the notes, sometimes it was a blue numeral i, as he mentioned you had to click on that and once you clicked on that you could
Feb 14, 2013 10:30am PST
to note g both is a critical piece but not the only one. it's the place with citizens provide in-depth detail of the bond programs but on top of that we have commissions responsible for bonds, so the health commission has regular meetings about the progress on the hospital bonds and others on other bonds and of course the board and the mayor's involvement so there are multiple lefls of oversight and we are one of them. >> i appreciate that. i ask that question because i do think it's something that that kind of body should be asking itself, and i would encourage maybe more discussion around that issue because clearly you're talking about the body becoming even more pro-active now. you're increasing the number of meetings. you're increasing the numbers things you're doing and maybe you're doing more than anyone else is doing out there, but i think having those discussions are good things, and even though you have individual commissions providing oversight for projects you play a unique role bawgz you're looking at it from the whole city's perspective and you maybe seeing thing
Feb 15, 2013 4:30pm PST
to be additional information provided or manifest injustice. the department doesn't feel additional information was provided. the appellant provided it and we provided statements at the hearing. it appears if there was injustice it was not caused by either this board nor the department rather for whatever reason, the applicant failed to show up. we are not here at this point to argue over the merits of the permit or it is merits of the rehearing and we don't believe there are merits to this case. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none commissioners the item is submitted. >> i -- you know if it was an honest mistake then i think we should allow her to present her case. >> i agree. i mean i think -- sorry. >> no, go ahead. >> i find the appellant's testimony very truthful and i think it would be manifest injustice not to allow her to present her case. >> she was speaking about the planning commission versus us. >> i concur with my fellow commissioners. life happens and evidently this is very important to her so i think a rehearing should be granted. >> i would move to grant a rehe
Feb 24, 2013 4:30am PST
approach for the significance and it provides an appropriate level of agency consciousness to respond to the events with the appropriate designed standards. this is another list, and i am going to bypass this, this is simply more information about the standards of care and practice. no facility can be risk free. we need to balance the risk mission, you will have buses, trains, tourists, members of the public on the park. we need to remember that this facility was created for those reasons but we need to create safe facility for that to happen and so the rva comes up with and now we are getting to the heart of the matter, design, guidance, period. this criteria, out of the rva, that i identified what needs to be done. so, this is essential and rationale for doing the work. there was sensitive in the approach and established a very clear design guidance criteria and insures a multidiscipline approach and i am going to explain to you many of the investments that were made in the building that are the basis of the original costs and what is important to understand is that it is not just a
Feb 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
in this regard so weakened at least provide some additional terms for the beginning of the obamacare dictionary. -- regard so we can at least provide some additional terms for the beginning of the obamacare dictionary. donation -- that as a new term. another term, mandate, has spent translated to suggestion. we have a couple other terms in the law -- community rating. sounds exotic but it can be translated into the yahya pay more. partnership -- translated into the young pay more. partnership, translation, you take the blame. medicare savings, and very complicated. spanish term -- double counting. i look for other terms in the affordable care act. premium reductions -- the sky is the limit. these are some of the terms we could not on the translation not only in the affordable care act or spanish dictionary but not even in a plain english dictionary. market crisis, and nowhere to be found. another hard one, compulsory choice. another question is what are the chances of successful implementations? that translates as, when pigs fly. the, at a crucial moment and did the whole policy deciding how th
Feb 6, 2013 5:30am PST
housing inspector rosemary bosque for her great leadership, and providing technical assistance to our office.-- for her amazing today addresses two key legislations. the first mandated residential hotels provide rooms with workingshared bathrooms. the cost of these requirements is little relative to the benefit that the residents will reap. it will enhance the quality of life and safety upgrades to the building. the risk of the senior suffering a broken bone from slip on the shower or a disabled person not being able to communicate with service providers are problems that will be drastically diminished with the passing of this ordinance. increasing the safety for some of our most vulnerable residents is so important but also saving the city money in these preventive measures is critical. in order to develop a set of guidelines that are implementable as well as cost-effective we have to move with measures like this. and though the ordinance will be affected within 30 days of its passage there will be no notices of violation issued for the first six months after the ordinance
Feb 24, 2013 10:00pm PST
caught in the middle of the two parties. so as we move forward we need to provide some resources for those types of services and supported them because those are the organizations that are dealing with the items. >> thank you. i want to make a comments i do support the underlying speak up i supplemental that is before us today that cute of the budget committee today but i think it should go back to the budget economy. it was such a short time we have to spend the fund i have no doubt there are community needs but i'd like to see an overall plan by which we're helping victims of domestic violence. the one thing i am excite about we'll be able to develop an overall plan. but shelter transition housing are the basic needs that families need once they flee a violent situation. i meet many women and children that are swaip violence and they're in a single room and, of course, our homeless shelter system. i'm also very supportive of having that situation and talking about what the appropriate budget process is in june. so that we know that money we're putting forward is going toward
Feb 26, 2013 8:00am PST
works. obviously jim niko and others are here to provide more intent about the treatment of those sites in the process. the general idea is essentially those are large sites that can accommodate potentially a larger amount of growth. where having an additional floor may be valuable enough to, if you create an incentive like this, have this trade-off happen. as was mentioned affordable housing is a very important goal as are many goals in the plan, but affordable housing is incredibly important and these provide an opportunity to provide more affordable housing. not in a way that would not work and essentially make projects not pencil out that. is why the trade-off was given. the model for that is something that is already happening at eastern neighborhoods which is the umu district. all of the parts are that zoned umu have a residential impact fee tier of one, which is the lowest, regardless of how much zoning the property received. instead the paying the city a standard rate for affordable housing or providing it, they are required to provide affordable housing on a higher tier
Feb 28, 2013 3:00am PST
. the plan really provides a path forward to accommodate the immense development pressure in this neighborhood with the mixed-use integrated approach. by encouraging more residential development, especially in the alleyways where the streets are narrow and preserving the area's rich cultural heritage. focusing development with improved pedestrian connectivity and having a discussion about a two-way folsom street, which i know the community has been waiting for a long time and incentiving affordable housing and industry use and office space while embracing the entertainment corridor on 11th street which you will be hear more about with plan's presentation. i am very interested in a conversation that came out of long-term negotiations -- not long-term, the yearlong negotiation s around prop c with inclusionary housing in exchange for reduction of overall impact fees elsewhere. i just wanted to know this is completely voluntary. i do know that within the community, one of the top priorities is building more affordable housing. it's not to say that they would like to do that
Feb 28, 2013 3:30am PST
in the development would be required to have a rear yard at the ground floor. roof decks, while they can be provided for the use of new tenants, they would not be permitted to counted towards open space. there currently exists special use district for this process and that special use district will live on, but in the new role. it will basically take on the role that most other special use district now play, which is to provide additional controls, other than what exists in the underlying zoning districts for the properties within the sud. i will go over some of the more important ones. major develop is a term that essentially refers to properties that are greater than half acre in size. the concept is that those properties are zoned with a split height. with a base height and maximum height. if a project chooses to take advantage of the additional height it triggers an automatic conditional use authorization. it also requires specific criteria to minimize conflict between different uses within the development. the idea is to encourage a mix of uses and not necessarily a mixed-use building or a grou
Feb 7, 2013 1:30am PST
[inaudible] affordable units and land dedication will be provided at 801 brannan street side, prep s*ent tiffs of the mayor's office of housing, should the commissioners have any questions? based on a proposed project, the department determined that the project complies with the applicable requirements of planning code, is consistent with the plan. it includes significant site updates, the project design is consistent and respects the existing neighborhood character and is an appropriate infill development, it pays the appropriate impact fees, the project adds a total of 671 units with over 40 of them containing two bedrooms or more to the city's housing stock, the project utilizes land dedication alternative to partially satisfy the affordable houses requirements, this provides for a unique opportunity to develop a more housing, more affordable housing units that would be required through the on-site affordable housing options, staff recommends approval with the project with conditions and i'm available for conditions. thank you. >> is there any -- director lee, do you want to offer
Feb 7, 2013 12:30pm PST
of these residents are addressed. it is in that spirit that i wanted to bring us item forward simply to provide the city and county of san francisco that clear picture of how the needs of these residents are being met and we are mindful of the fact that we are talking about an agency subject to the jurisdiction of the federal government. we know that the department of housing and urban development, hud, is conducting a nodded to see if the housing authority is comply with housing standards among other things. we know that a city we invest resources in redevelopment for instance housing authority property. one of the objectives of this review is simply to ensure that our partner, the housing authority, is in a strong financial position. and that the investments that the city is making a properly managed. the kind of review that i have in mind is a review that is consistent with how we as a board deal with the management and operations of various agencies. we as a board under our rules actually have a point of calling for different types of audits from time to time, including a management audit
Feb 8, 2013 5:30am PST
organizations. housing providers, t nbc, the community housing partnership. mercy housing has written us a letter of support as well as the community i'm sorry the counsel of community housing organization. they all have written letters of support, you can see these letters if you would like. i would like to just say that it makes good sense to pass this for elders and aging places to fight isolation and it just makes good common sense to have these in bathrooms. i want to really invoke the spirit of my uncle alvarez who worked to have the identifyel tour built and it's going to be built in a few days and that is what they fought for then the right to affordable and dignified housing to age grace fully. and i ask that you pass this. it makes good sense. >> thank you i forgot to call one other card jessica lar man. next speaker. >>> good afternoon members iwe work and advocate on behalf of people with disabilities and the city and community at language our position would be that we prefer wheelchair accessible bathrooms but since for profit hotels don't support that, we support t
Feb 12, 2013 2:30pm PST
the positions we also have a robust service that provides services to victims and their families. i believe that while we may not have agreement on the number of positions that is funded by this parole but we need those services to the city. it is my preference we preserve those funds and reallocate fund from the district attorney's office to women projects for legal services to survivors of domestic woman and their children. i'd like to duplicate the file and have version won a roll call vote on version one madam on ordinance as is and there the chair to supervisor co-herself we'll take the vote and then the the remainer of the items >> i understand it will have to go back to committee so - >> so we have a duplication of the file which do not require a vote and with that we have a duplication supervisor mar and - actively supervisor cohen. >> i want to add the is alternative he monies and then i would like to put that motion to adopt those ooements i'm proposing today. >> so we have a motion to amend a duptd file is there a second to that file? second by supervisor chiu. >> i want to
Feb 22, 2013 7:30pm PST
as a retail use that provides banking products to the public bank, savings and loans and credit unions when occupying more than 15 feet of frontage. and i, understand the permit holders point that it does say such as. however, it does say any applicant for a financial service use shall provide the planning department with a true copy of the license issued to it by the state of california. now the state of california does have a licensing program, there is a state of california, department of financial institutions which licenses financial institutions. i looked on their website and did you have a list of licensees vocal point is not among any of the listed and they have different categories. developal corporations, credit unions, premium finance companies, trust companies and trust departments, so there is a wide variety of financial service uses. and they do not fit in one of these categories. i can tell that they did not have a license from the state of california to operate as a financial institution. therefore, they are not a financial service use under the planning code. but i believe
Feb 13, 2013 9:00pm PST
is to provide a small set back, it will not hurt the next door development. we are not talking about a yard. we are not talking about a set back at the ground level, we are talking about the set back at the upper floors, they are building to the property line what the appellants are saying is don't put a solid wall in front of the own window that we have in our dwelling unit. and for those of these units that is their own window. they live and work there, they are large windows but that is it, that is the only source of light to those particular units. so i am urging the board to, you know, take a look at the industrial design guidelines, and take a look at the other guidelines that i have attached as exhibit 9 and ten and use your common sense. that makes no sense to degrade and to devalue housing, this particular housing, for units of housing for the construction of an auto repair shop. and the auto repair shop will still be built. it will just be slightly smaller. if you gave it a ten-foot set back, it would lose something like 250 square feet or less. and in fact, if you look at exhibit 3,
Feb 3, 2013 9:00am PST
enforcement division is helpful because it provides more staff to actually look into these things. and i think that if you look at the budget they have suggested adding people there. >> okay. >> i think that that will help a lot. because you know, when you take people away from permitting and inspecting it effects those divisions and so focusing really specifically on code endivorcement is really the way to widle down these outstanding violations. >> in the current year there were two building inspectors added effective january first. they think that we could not fill them until january and that is correct. >> and we... and the board of supervisors also added a clerk to help with the paperwork because every nrv in the directors hearing requires a significant amount of paperwork and moving the process along. and 13, 14, the board had already approved another building inspector effective october of this year. and then we are asking for another one so in essence, between current year, with the two, we will have four new ones. >> okay >> including the current year. so we are focusing in trying to
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
states. in summary, it is clear that health insurance provides better health outcomes, including a decrease risk for death. despite this, we will leave 30 million uninsured. i have worked for over a decade in medical education as a student, resident, fellow, and a faculty member and program later. it is my conviction that public responsive training should meet the health care needs of our population, and rather than the staffing needs of hospitals or the lifestyle preferences of young doctors. >> my understanding is that senator franken has to leave, and you wanted to ask a brief question. is that correct? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i guess, yes. that would be a yes. and you are talking about the compensation. you probably heard my comment earlier about the return on investment, in terms of loan forgiveness for primary-care physicians. what would that look like? in other words, i know we do some loan forgiveness. we do it for people serving in underserved communities. what would that look like? how could you compute that in terms of the value that you would get back over the cou
FOX News
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
it is to find and obtain the elusive secret that provide advance warning of strategic cyber attacks and ser per sent threats such as nuclear, chemical and biological weapons proliferation or a technical expert who seeks new and creative ways to find nuggets of intelligence and secure and stealthy intelligence collection and systems and encounter the latest technological threats to our nation or a support officer or manager with the responsibility to ensure that the core missions of the agency collecting intelligence providing all sorts of analysis and when directed by the president, conducting covert action, are carried out with rick sit skill, speed, agility and pro if i havesy. i served as a chiefç officer oa privatei]ç sector company, whei learnedxsp7 about sound busines practices,2ey]e@ and for the par years, i've had the privilege to serve assthe:h;;ó$-)xvy presider on homeland security. &qre had the opportunity to work with some of the finest emericans i'venozfbr ever met m homelandñr security and law enforcement communities who have dedicated their lives toym the safety and secur
Feb 26, 2013 1:00am PST
an unambiguous message. we are providing materials to provide notice and we are working with the police, the public, the board of supervisors' staff and others to solicit other locations of concern, and of course to develop guidelines for conducting the before and after study, so the locations have pretty much expanded from the handouts that we provided previously. the locations basically have doubled in size, and here's a map of where they're located graphically. >> and i would note if you take a look at the sunset it looks like there is a lot being added. it's just the way they're name tg because we're trying to capture sunset boulevard for the streets so it's capturing that and the streets and it's really just that part. >> right. we expect the project to be phased in because of the extent of the concerns that were expressed throughout. the first roll out we would expect to select two general areas that are fairly large in size, so we can learn from, and also where the streets are somewhat contiguous to facilitate the logistics and the evaluation and the notification which is ver
Feb 6, 2013 10:30pm PST
report, table 10 reflects the case load data that we compile based on a lot of information provided by the police department. and that does show a 32% reduction in 2012 and an overall 48% reduction over the last five years. while the district attorney takes exception with that and we did go back to the police department and clarify that those are the actual cases being referred to the district attorney's office, if you look at table 11 on the bottom, that is information provided by the district attorney. which actually shows the same trend. although not as large. they showed the actual number of cases being referred to the district attorney going down. as well as the number of cases being charged by the district attorney going down by the order of 18%, over the last two years. >> thank you, supervisor mar? >> thank you. miss newman i know miss dubury mentioned 2012 seemed to be an anomaly and if you could look at trend for five years, but looks like 2012 was a significant drop. i am wondering if you could address that? >> certainly, through the chair, supervisor mar, we agree it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 7,437 (some duplicates have been removed)